There is always someone that will ask you "So how fast does that thing fly?" and you have to guess at a speed, or tell them it is plenty fast.

Well I wanted to know myself, but didn't want to buy any special RC flight recorders, because I don't want to know all the time, just once is plenty.
Well I didn't want to call the cop and ask him to use his Radar gun to clock it, "Hate to get a speeding ticket." so while I was messing around with my Rino 110 by Garmin, I got my answer.

And since pictures tell a better story that I can, here is a OS .46 with a tuned pipe clocked at 142 MPH, and a Fury basic with a OS .60 clocked at 83.6 MPH.
Well I added another line for the plane at level flight, and no wind, as people on RunRyder do not think it was posible for a plane to go that fast. At level flight the plane did 117 MPH according to the GPS unit.
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Level Flight Only, No Power Dives Verified by F.T.A.B. Certified Judges

Note: The last picture for the Heli timing you can tell that the straps are different. This was because the battery went dead during the speed check flight, so I had to cut the straps, to replace the battry, and do it again.

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